We are pleased to present this issue to readers as a special issue on Healthy Prophetic Lifestyle presented at the Prophetic Science International Conference (Al-FURSAN18) which was held on the 4th November to 5th November 2018 at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. The conference was jointly organized by NRGS Research Group on Prophetic Food and Islamic Science Institute. The papers selected for this special issue share the wisdom of the healthy prophetic lifestyle not only from the dietary perspective but also on good practices that facilitate in preserving the spiritual, mental and physical state of a person. Benefits of implementing Shariah in business, technology and impact of reciting al-Quran for relaxation propagate the importance of belief and practices in religion towards sustainable healthy living. We would hope more intellectual discourse on the prophetic tradition and relevant scientific findings will be conducted in the future to help realize the importance of the Sunnah of the Prophet and the wisdom emanating from the practices and may this bring rahmah (mercy) to the well being of the creation.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33102/ulum.2019.26

Published: 2019-04-19

Comparison Of Fatty Acid Compositions In Different Goat Breeds: A Study In Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Zamani Hakim, Nur Fazidah Amuje@Asmuji, Siti Munirah Mohd, A’wani Aziz Nurdalila (Author)


Dates Consumption in Malaysia

Asmaddy Haris, Aimi Fadzirul Kamarubahrin, Nurul Aini Muhamed, Nursilah Ahmad, Siti Nurazira Mohd Daud, Zurina Kefeli, Syadiyah Abdul Shukor, Abu Hassan Makmun Abdul Qadir (Author)