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This research is a study on The Theology of Modern Man: Seyyed Hossein Nasr's Perspective on Contemporary Reality. Science and technology have progressed in 20th century beyond human imagination. One of its greatlyconcerned impacts has been men's high dependancy on technology rather than reliance to God. Religion, as widely believed, is currently undergoing marginalization as a by-product of technology answering every human's need. God and religion have been much relegated as irrelevance. Such attitude in modern men has raised a fundamental issue in theology as how to see and respond to the reality. Seyyed Hossein Nasr sees that over-reliance on technology has degraded human values and religion with all its spiritual dimensions has been much replaced by the supremacy of rationalism, empirism, positivism, and pragmatism. Human and divine values have lost their significance to rational measures which dominate and bring about imbalance and selfalienation in modern men. This study proves that despite its phenomenal achievements in science and technology rationalism which negates spiritual aspects in human life will only lead to a lopsided modernity. Man will only grow partially in intellectual capacity and will not reach to his true existential self. He may rise to great material accomplishments but will fail to understand his being and existence. A solution to this reality in Nasr's view is a return to spirituality in which modern man consciously brings his ratio back under the guidance of Divinity. Theologically, this view of Nasr's is not compatible with Mu'tazila's Rationalism theology which goes on the same lane with Western Rationalism that excessively deifies ratio and negates God's active involvement in human life. It is more compatible with the Ahlussunah's theology of Proportionalism which gives right proportion to both ratio and spirituality.

Keywords: theology, modern man, rationalism, proportionalism, spirituality



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